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Landscape Photography Large Format Film

Alex Bond is an accomplished landscape photographer. He continues to use sheet film for its slower pace, because it’s tactile, and for its inherent aesthetics. The result is the creation of a contemporary but unique silver gelatin print collection of Western Australia. He is a practitioner of traditional darkroom print making, print exhibitor, workshop educator and publisher for over 25 years.

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Hiking Photography

While everyone else had a real job I spent more than 25 years hiking and camping in south west Western Australia. With my trusty wooden field camera and a few sheets of film you can find me out on the coast, in the bush or exploring some peak.

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I find landscapes inspiring, whether it be a grand scene or an intimate detail. The West has a unique and ancient landscape. Our quality of light is as hard as it is voluminous. It provides me with a continual challenge to reproduce that quality within the limitations of a photograph.

Long walks in the bush

I enjoy going for long walks. It gives me time to become immersed in my surroundings. In my backpack I carry my field camera, film, tripod and sometimes a tent and food.

The West Magazine

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Awareness is key. Curiosity fuels awareness.

“Alex Bond knows when not to take a photograph. His approach to capturing the WA landscape on film is based on patience and attunement. The results have found a worldwide audience.”

Stephen Scourfield, Editor, The West Magazine


Since 1989 I have been photographing and publishing my landscape images of National Parks and Regional Reserves under my imprint Stormlight Publishing.

Over the years Stormlight Publishing has published and distributed an award winning range of postcards, greeting cards, gift cards, posters, calendars and books.


Film Photography

My introduction to photography was in the era of film cameras and light sensitive photographic paper. Film cameras such as my field camera are very simple and robust. I am frequently working outdoors in rain, dusty or salty conditions.  My wooden 4×5 film camera does not require any batteries and is lighter than a digital SLR.

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Hand Crafted Silver Gelatin Photographic Prints

I learnt to develop my film in a tank and print my photographs in a traditional wet darkroom. By today’s standards it is neither fast nor easy. But it is a process I maintain to this day. It works alongside my digital workflow.

Working with silver halide materials provides a thread of continuity throughout my photography.

Print making by hand is the final and possibly most important act in this creative cycle. In my opinion it gives an unquestioning intention and authenticity to a photographer’s works.

Film Camera Resource Kit

Learn about film photography, developing and darkroom printing.

Film Camera 4x5

Get your free 10 page reference to helpful books, web sites, web forums, Australian photography workshops, suppliers of film, darkroom and calibration materials.


Bushwalking with a 4×5 field camera. Alex Bond is a film based photographer from Perth Western Australia.

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